Learn About Crypto Tax Audits

Crypto tax attorney Alex Kugelman provides a comprehensive breakdown of what causes a crypto audit and how to respond to a crypto audit on the latest Bitcoin Taxes podcast.

Alex shares with host Sal Vescio a thorough overview of what causes a crypto audit, what to expect during an audit, and what options are available when responding to a crypto audit.

No one wants to receive a notice from the IRS, so the best way to avoid a crypto audit is to be proactive before you become a target. Kugelman Law attorneys and accountants offer crypto accounting, crypto tax compliance, and crypto audit defense services so if you are in need of crypto tax help, then please contact us.

Meanwhile, click here to listen to the Bitcoin Taxes podcast to learn everything you need to know about a crypto audit. 

  • What causes a cryptocurrency audit? (02:04)
  • What should you expect in a cryptocurrency audit? (06:36)
  • Is the IRS treating transfers as taxable events? (18:25)
  • How lenient is the IRS with payment plans? (47:30)