Kugelman Law Tax + Crypto Professionals

Alex Kugelman

Alex Kugelman is a tax attorney concentrating on tax controversies, domestic and international tax compliance, crypto tax issues, and tax collection defense. Mr. Kugelman counsels and represents individuals, small businesses, and estates.

His experience includes four years of federal government court experience at the U.S. Tax Court and a U.S. District Court. That background blends substantive tax law knowledge with administrative and litigation experience. This unique combination differs from that of an accountant or a general practitioner attorney.

Alex frequently appears on crypto-themed podcasts and video interviews to discuss the nuances of the intersection between cryptocurrency and the IRS.

Alex and his team’s approach to cryptocurrency issues have solidified Kugelman Law as an industry leader in the niche area of crypto taxes.

Scott McDonald

As the firm’s Client Services Coordinator, Scott McDonald, MBA, assists the company’s attorneys and other licensed professionals with managing the entire lifecycle of a case.

Scott also serves as Kugelman Law’s dedicated intake and onboarding specialist handling all potential and current client inquiries.

His role in helping with case management and client communication is vital to the firm’s success, ensuring cases are moving forward and clients are constantly aware of case status.

Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor is the firm’s lead tax return preparer with 10 years of Big Four accounting experience. She also is an Enrolled Agent, which means she is authorized to practice before the IRS.

Many compliance issues require filing or amending tax returns, which Grace primarily handles. She also excels at advising individual U.S. taxpayers with domestic and international reporting. 

A digital nomad herself, Grace has extensive experience handling international and expat tax issues for U.S. taxpayers abroad.

Jon Stead

Jon Stead, CPA, is the firm’s lead financial and cryptocurrency accountant. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology present a unique challenge for U.S. taxpayers.

Cryptocurrency records are often incomplete, and most trade on a variety of platforms that have their own unique documentation standards. This makes accounting for and reporting cryptocurrency gains and losses extremely difficult.

As a solution, Jon pioneered his own proprietary software to solve complex accounting problems. He works with individuals and businesses to reconstruct incomplete and missing financial records.

Christopher Wajda

Christopher Wajda is a former Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Washington D.C. field office as part of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division where he led and guided some of the most significant white-collar criminal investigations in the nation. 

Chris is currently the Managing Director of Black Raven Advisory Group LLC, a private security investigative company, which partners with Kugelman Law on matters involving criminal and civil financial investigations.

He has over 34 years of experience specializing in forensic financial investigations and complex criminal and civil financial investigations. Chris’ expertise extends to criminal and civil white-collar defenses when individuals and/or entities are accused of financial wrongdoings.

As a former IRS Revenue Agent, Chris applies his immense IRS insider experience and procedural knowledge to leverage the process in our clients’ favor.

As a whole, the Kugelman Law team provides excellent service with a personal touch. The goal is to guide each client to the most effective and efficient resolution possible. Contact us today to get started!

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