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About Kugelman Law

Kugelman Law was created as an alternative to overpriced law firms and disreputable tax resolution companies. We are comprised of veteran lawyers with years of IRS and U.S. Tax Court experience resolving tax disputes. With offices in northern and southern California, Kugelman Law has helped numerous clients across the state, including clients in San Francisco and Irvine.

Kugelman Law strives to effectively and efficiently resolve each client’s tax issue - no matter the size or complexity. To that end, the firm has developed working relationships with experienced outside accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers to complete the representation.

Alexander Kugelman primarily concentrates his practice on tax controversies, domestic and international tax compliance, and tax collection defense. Mr. Kugelman counsels and represents individuals, small businesses, and estates.

His experience includes four years of federal government court work at the U.S. Tax Court and a U.S. District Court. That background blends substantive tax law knowledge with administrative and litigation experience. As an IRS & California Tax Lawyer, this unique combination differs from that of an accountant or a general practitioner attorney.

Tax Help

The IRS is a fragmented bureaucracy enforcing confusing tax laws. Most taxpayers lack knowledge and experience required to resolve IRS issues. Kugelman Law leverages its experience and understanding to navigate the administrative process. Kugelman Law has a successful track record of helping clients throughout California, including clients in San Francisco and Irvine.

Our team of IRS and U.S. Tax Court attorneys can guide a taxpayer through an audit, appeals representation, tax litigation, or any other kind of tax help.

We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to deal with tax problems. That is why it is our goal to provide you with premium quality tax counseling and assistance to simplify and streamline the entire process.

Kugelman Law can help with a range of tax issues from tax return preparation to IRS collections defense to foreign compliance.


Most so-called tax resolution firms and tax lawyers will exploit fear of IRS enforcement actions to try and extract large fees. It’s important taxpayers are educated about the realities of the situation. Some will be able to obtain self-help, while for others it might be wise to hire a professional tax attorney. Please keep in mind that each collection case is unique based on the circumstances, but in general the following applies to most IRS & California tax law collection cases.

First, the vast majority of IRS enforcement is civil, not criminal. The IRS reserves criminal prosecution for the most egregious violations. While criminal liability should be evaluated, it is improbable for most taxpayers.

Rather the IRS and other tax agencies have two primary collection mechanisms. The first is a levy. A levy is when the IRS takes assets to pay a tax balance. This may come in the form of wage garnishment or a bank levy. In rare cases, the IRS will administratively or judicially seize property like valuable jewelry or real estate.

The second enforcement mechanism is a lien. A tax lien is the government's legal claim against your property. It is typically recorded in the county you reside and attaches to the title of any real estate you own. A lien will come into play if you attempt to sell or refinance the property.

Preventing liens and levies depends on the amount owed, whether the IRS has begun these actions, and whether the taxpayer’s account is assigned to a revenue officer for collection. Generally most taxpayers can take action to prevent levies.

The IRS & California tax attorneys at Kugelman Law have substantial backgrounds advising and advocating for taxpayers with IRS collection issues. Please contact us today if you would like us to advocate on your behalf.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology presents a unique challenge for U.S. taxpayers. Cryptocurrency records are often incomplete and most trade on a variety of platforms that have their own unique documentation standards. Complicating matters, the IRS guidance is limited. This makes accounting for and reporting cryptocurrency gains and losses extremely difficult.

Now imagine the IRS is auditing your tax return to verify its accuracy. It is a recipe for disaster.

Our team can guide you through this. First, we step in as your representative and interface with the IRS Revenue Agent on your behalf. It is a taxpayer’s right and to their advantage to do so.

We then assess the issues presented by the audit. This begins with identifying its scope and analyzing the information reported on your tax return. We then help compile and organize the supporting documentation.

For missing records or accounting, our CPAs use proprietary, cutting edge software to recreate your activity. The improved documentation helps resolve current questions, prepare for future ones, and has helped make Kugelman Law a standout firm in cryptocurrency cases.

Estate Planning

Protect you and your loved ones through proper estate planning. At Kugelman Law, we provide customized and comprehensive estate plans to account for any possible situation life throws your way.

Replace your worries about how your estate will be handled with peace of mind following an estate planning consultation with Kugelman Law.

Kugelman Law: Your Tax and Cryptocurrency Attorneys

If you need professional tax help with IRS or California tax law issues, please contact an attorney at Kugelman Law today. Trying to deal with tax audits, appeals, cryptocurrency audits, voluntary disclosures, or other tax issues does not have to be an overwhelming and exhausting process. We do the bulk of the work for you and make resolving tax issues as easy as possible.

Our team can serve as your counsel for any and all parts of the tax process. Our goal is to use our tax law knowledge and inside perspective of how the IRS operates to minimize the total cost to you while leveraging the process in your favor. We always approach your tax audit with your emotional and financial well being in mind.

We are available to discuss your matter and establish the best strategy and approach to your case. We have offices conveniently located in Larkspur, San Francisco, and Irvine, California.

Client Reviews
Alexander helped me break down my tax situation and used his expertise to figure out the next actionable steps, make sure that all the bases were covered (that I wasn't aware even existed), and confirm that things were done correctly. If you are confused and stuck in a difficult tax situation, Alexander will guide you forward and help you confidently resolve the issue. Henry Wang
If you are having tax trouble, Alexander is the one to help you. He was very professional, personable, and easy to reach. His explanation of the entire process is helpful for easing the stress that is associated with tax trouble. We never felt intimidated or out of the loop while working with him. The process was handled to our liking and we are satisfied with the results. Even the after care has been phenomenal! Tony W.
If anyone out there is in need of stellar legal tax assistance, look no further and contact Alexander Kugelman. He helped me tremendously with my tax situation and is always there to help when needed. If I can give Alexander more stars, I would because 5 stars is not enough! Thank you for everything, Alex!!! Flo Lauzon
Alexander has been a life saver! I got dragged into some serious IRS issues with a complicated foreign assignment component, which included divorce. Alexander has been working with me to resolve directly with the IRS. Alexander is detail oriented, responsive and I trust him to guide me. I will be using Alexander for all tax related matters from now on! He is stuck with me forever. Eve T.
Alexander helped me understand the IRS audit process and prepared my response. There were certain records that I had lost, but he suggested alternatives that the IRS accepted. Even better, he showed up at the audit for me and I never actually had to talk with the IRS. I didn't have to pay any penalties. I'd definitely recommend hiring Alexander to deal with an IRS issue. L.R.
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