How To Help Avoid an IRS Audit

If you failed to report or withheld information from the IRS regarding your income, voluntary disclosure programs can help you avoid serious consequences.

Voluntary disclosure is the process in which a delinquent taxpayer voluntarily discloses income information or other relevant tax information that was not previously reported.

The IRS has several different voluntary disclosure programs which taxpayers can use to disclose this information.

Our accomplished team of tax attorneys and professionals at Kugelman Law can guide you through the voluntary disclosure programs to help ensure you achieve compliance and avoid an IRS audit.

While every circumstance is unique, there are some common causes of tax delinquency. The most common is a mistake or a series of mistakes that were made on tax returns, leading to inaccurate or incomplete information being provided to the IRS.

Sometimes information was deliberately withheld or was intentionally misrepresented on a tax return in order to reduce tax obligations to the IRS. Another common cause of tax delinquency is when a person simply does not pay the money he or she owes in taxes to the government.

Any of these situations could trigger an audit from the IRS.

Voluntary Disclosure Programs

Thankfully, the IRS has several voluntary disclosure programs which you can use to disclose unreported income and avoid serious consequences.

The program that is best for you will depend on your individual situation and whether certain variables apply to you. For example, whether your non-disclosed income was accumulated domestically or internationally will affect which program is best for you.

There are also a number of rules for voluntary disclosure. For example, if you would like to participate in a voluntary disclosure program you must do so before the IRS contacts you about your tax returns.

An experienced and highly skilled tax lawyer can help you navigate the rules surrounding voluntary disclosure programs.

Let Kugelman Law Assist You With Voluntary Disclosure

Here at Kugelman Law, our tax attorneys provide exceptional legal counseling and assistance for our clients who want to go through the voluntary disclosure process.

We will use our expertise to help you with all the following aspects regarding voluntary disclosure:

  • Advice on how to come into compliance for your future tax returns
  • Assessing your situation to determine if you are eligible for voluntary disclosure
  • Filing all the complicated legal paperwork that is necessary to complete voluntary disclosures
  • Representing you legally in the case of FBAR audits or criminal prosecution for tax crimes

If you have unreported income or undisclosed foreign bank accounts, then contact Kugelman Law today to partner with a seasoned tax attorney.

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