California Estate Planning Attorneys

Protect you and your loved ones through proper estate planning.

The biggest misconception about estate planning is that it is only useful for people who are older, wealthy, or have many assets.

However, everyone should have an estate plan regardless of income, age, or lifestyle.

How much will my estate plan cost?

Our custom estate plans vary in pricing depending on the complexity and timing. Schedule your consultation to discuss your needs with one of our California estate planning attorneys who can then give you an accurate price quote.

When will my estate plan be completed?

Once we receive all the information we need from you, then your estate plan will be completed in less than two weeks! We also can come to you for in-home signing of your documents as an added convenience for our clients.

Kugelman Law estate planning attorneys advise individuals, business owners, and their families in all aspects of estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, and wealth preservation and transfer strategies.

We serve as legal counsel for fiduciaries, heirs, and beneficiaries regarding estate administration and planning, such as drafting civil complaints, pre-trial motions, and supporting civil discovery in probate and trust litigation matters, including breach of fiduciary duty, civil fraud, and financial elder abuse.

When you consult with an estate planning lawyer at Kugelman Law, we will provide you with a customized and comprehensive estate plan to account for any possible situation life throws your way.

Whether it’s a will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive, or any other type of estate plan directive required, Kugelman Law estate planning attorneys are here to serve clients in California.

What is included in an estate plan?

In general, an estate plan protects your assets, safeguards your future, and ensures your affairs are handled exactly as you prescribe. Estate planning ensures your children are cared for by a trusted guardian and outlines detailed plans for future health care decisions and long-term care.

A proper estate plan for individuals will address how assets will be managed and distributed after death but also in the event one becomes incapacitated.

Estate planning also covers a wide variety of areas and can function in myriad ways, including:

  • Preserving and prescribing the transfer of wealth
  • Establishing future care and guardianship for dependents
  • Providing education and lifestyle funding for children, grandchildren, or whomever you wish
  • Limiting estate taxes
  • Naming an executor of your will
  • Outlining funeral arrangements
  • Addressing beneficiaries of insurance policies, an IRA, 401k, etc.

Business Estate Planning

For small business owners, estate planning is essential and even more complicated to ensure the business remains in operation and is protected from substantial tax liabilities.

Business estate plans reduce exposure to lawsuits and ensure appropriate business succession. Many businesses, particularly ones that are closely held and family-owned, fail to account for a business succession plan and are left scrambling by a retirement or an unexpected death.

A proper estate plan for small business owners will address succession plans, account for estate taxes, and determine the best path forward to minimize other tax implications.

Simply put, estate planning for an individual, family, or small business is simply the most important action one does to protect their successes and prepare for the future.

Only a qualified, licensed estate planning attorney can interpret the innumerable laws concerning wills, trusts, probate, taxes, and property rights.

Do-it-yourself legal kits or preprogrammed estate planning software cannot possibly replace the wide range of legal advice a lawyer can provide to ensure your documents are properly completed, state law nuances are taken into account, and all relevant tax, legal, and personal issues are properly addressed.

Kugelman Law estate planning attorneys serve clients throughout California. We offer in-person, phone, and video consultations for your convenience.

Replace your worries about how your estate will be handled with peace of mind following an estate planning consultation with a Kugelman Law Estate Planning Lawyer.

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