California Business Law Attorneys

Business Law, also known as Corporate Law or Commercial Law, encompasses all the legal aspects of forming, operating, and owning a business.

There is a unique intersection between Business Law and Tax Law that successful small business owners should consider when selecting a business structure because of both legal and tax implications.

The intersection of tax and business enables Kugelman Law to provide the best of both worlds to our clients, combining business acumen with tax expertise to help minimize tax liability on any Business Law matter.

Kugelman Law offers a holistic suite of business law and business tax representation services, including but not limited to:

Business Licenses & Permits

The process of starting and structuring a business can be complicated so it is advised to consult with a California business attorney to establish your business correctly, especially to meet any state and federal business licensing requirements.

Business Litigation

Managing and mitigating risk from the outset of forming a business is important to minimize any business’ vulnerability to potential lawsuits. However, a business litigation attorney at Kugelman Law can also handle various disputes that arise in the context of owning and operating a business.

Business Taxes

Business tax issues often ensnare well-intentioned small business owners who aren’t familiar with the various reporting requirements and then face the wrath of the IRS, which aggressively targets employers over tax infractions.

Typically, the IRS will try to collect taxes owed against the entity’s assets and then hold individuals personally liable as well.

Business owners need protection from the IRS, and the best approach to doing so is to be proactive and knowledgeable about the type of taxes owed (income, employment, estimated, excise, etc.) and when they are due. A Kugelman Law business tax lawyer will be able to advise small business owners on their tax obligations.

Business Transactions

Kugelman Law business transaction attorneys provide full-scope legal services to business owners on everything from formation to litigation to contract law.

Commercial Contracts

Our holistic approach to commercial contracts ensures your and your business’ interests are protected at all times.

It’s important to have a Kugelman Law business law attorney in California on your side when dealing with commercial contracts in order to properly evaluate the big-picture perspective of the strategic or objective purpose behind the contract to fully understanding the gravity of the language contained in the legalese of the contract’s clauses and provisions.

Incorporation & Restructuring

C Corp, S Corp, LP, LLC, LLP. Business structures vary and it’s vital small business owners understand the legal and tax consequences of each one. A good California business attorney will advise on which structure is best suited for your goals and needs.

Insurance Law

Whether you are the insured or the insurer, Kugelman Law business law attorneys in California can advise on all types of insurance disputes, including liability and business interruption among many other insurance claims.

Intellectual Property Law

Protecting your creations is crucial to an entrepreneur’s personal and professional success. Intellectual Property Law attorneys handle everything from patent and trademark protection to interpreting laws and regulations for clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re buying a business, selling a business, or looking for a strategic combination, mergers and acquisitions are complex, detailed transactions that require the niche skills of a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney in California.

Partnership Agreements

When a business is going to have more than one owner, a partnership agreement is a critical document outlining myriad facets of business ownership, such as the rights, duties, and obligations of each partner and the distribution of profits/losses.

Formalizing an airtight business partnership agreement that complies with state and federal laws requires hiring a partnership agreement attorney for appropriate drafting and execution.

Shareholder Disputes

Small businesses with multiple shareholders are similar to relationships in that they sometimes end in divorce.

Whatever the reason for dissatisfaction that has led to a shareholder dispute, it’s imperative you work with a small business attorney to fully understand the complex business and financial issues in order to help deliver the best outcome for your interests.

If you are in need of a California Business Law attorney, then contact Kugelman Law today!