After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from University of California, Berkeley, Eric Ahern wanted to take a transition year to confirm that the legal field was the right fit for him.

Working as a Legal Assistant at Kugelman Law gave Eric the experience and confidence needed to properly prepare for law school.

“I would not feel as certain with my decision to go to law school (and pay for law school!) if I hadn’t first worked at a law firm,” Eric said. “In close proximity, I observed how elite attorneys should think, speak, write and carry themselves. My interest in the law reached new heights.”

With confirmation that being a lawyer is his career of choice, Eric is attending University of California, Berkeley – School of Law in August 2022 to focus on data privacy and other tech law issues.

“One aspect that I enjoyed about working at a firm that focuses on cryptocurrency relates to how new the field still is,” he said. “The attorneys at Kugelman Law must adapt to new regulations as they come about, and they are quite good at doing it.”

As Kugelman Law’s Legal Assistant, Eric assists the company’s attorneys and other licensed professionals with managing the entire life cycle of a case, as well as serving as the dedicated intake specialist handling all potential and current client inquiries.

He works alongside experienced, top-tier attorneys who not only provide excellent service and representation but who also care about the needs and goals of their clients. 

For someone to succeed at a small firm like Kugelman Law, one must show up with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and a desire to get as much from the experience as possible. It is important to utilize your emotional intelligence and problem solving skills and to speak up when you have questions.

“Because the firm is relatively small, I always felt like I had an important role to play. In other words, I was never just a cog in the machine nor lost in a sea of other legal assistants, administrative employees, paralegals, etc.,” he said. “This made the job very rewarding as I felt that the firm’s success was my success, too.”

About Kugelman Law

Kugelman Law is a tax and cryptocurrency law firm providing effective and efficient solutions to our clients’ legal needs. If you are interested in joining the Kugelman Law team, please contact us today