What is a Tax Audit?

A tax audit is a comprehensive investigation into your tax returns, finances, and personal data conducted by the IRS to make sure that your returns are accurate and complete.

The IRS performs tax audits on around one million United States taxpayers every single year.

During an audit, the IRS auditor will request substantial documentation, including bank statements and financially sensitive information.

The auditor may also interview, and even summon, taxpayers for testimony. This information will be used to justify the auditor’s conclusion.

Without proper legal representation, unprepared taxpayers can end up with an audit that covers multiple years and leads to additional taxes and penalties.

It is key to limit the scope of the audit and focus the IRS on relevant issues only. This will help achieve the quickest and best result possible.

Our tax audit attorneys at Kugelman Law will initially review the IRS notice and your documents to determine the scope of the investigation.

Second, we assess your records, identify potential issues, and have the tools necessary to help reconstruct any missing documents so you don’t have to worry if you’re missing paperwork.

Third, we contact the IRS on your behalf and take the lead at all audit meetings and communications. Most clients never meet or talk with the IRS once they hire Kugelman Law attorneys who focus on tax audits throughout the country.

Finally, we analyze the audit report and advise on the most efficient way to move forward.

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Tax Audit Appeals

If you do not agree with your tax audit results, then you have an option to file a tax appeal with the IRS Office of Appeals.

The appeals officer will consider your information to evaluate the “hazards of litigation” and weakness of positions for both sides. This typically leads to a settlement offer to resolve the case.

If you do not agree with the proposed resolution, then you can petition the U.S. Tax Court. However, you only have 90 days from the time of the Notice of Deficiency to do this. The burden of proof will also fall on you in Tax Court to prove that the IRS is wrong. This is because IRS tax audits are presumed to be correct until proven otherwise.

Let Kugelman Law Counsel You Through the Tax Audit Process

Our team can serve as your tax audit attorney for all parts of the tax audit process.

Our goal is to use our tax law knowledge and inside perspective of how the IRS operates to minimize the total cost to you while leveraging the process in your favor. We always approach your tax audit with your emotional and financial well being in mind.

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